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I love New York, but my heart has a Caribbean beat. It pulsates to the traditions of my people. Attuned to the rhythms of this City, I stay West Indian to the bone. I reflect. I analyze. I speak my mind. ~ I Keep it Irie ~

The Power Of The “V”


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From the time I was a little girl growing up in Barbados, I was always told that there’s power in the “V”. Today, more than ever, I’m convinced of this. Not that I didn’t buy into it as a child. After all, being raised in a devout Christian family, church was a significant aspect of my life. It was there, perhaps more than any other place, that the message was instilled in me that my “V” was a very sacred thing. It was preached that my “V” was to be cherished, well-cared for, guarded against any “slackness”, that it had a special purpose, that God Himself had ordained how and when it should be used.

My “V” was intended to create something beautiful, to bring forth life, and if I did a great job with the product of my “V”- this gift – my legacy will be secured long after I’m gone. I was cautioned that not any and everyone was worthy of my “V”. I had to save it for the right time, right setting, right recipient, and when the stars aligned for all these factors, giving of my “V” would be a euphoric moment, a freedom expressed like never before, I’d reach low and high octaves and might even be moved to tears with the emotions taking hold of me.

I was also taught about the power of the “V”, as a teenager at secondary school. Whenever the issue came up in class, the shy students – more so than usual – would be at a loss for words, others would blush or stammer when called upon for their input, some would show off as they effortlessly shared their knowledge and experience. I was always rapt with attention, picking up tips where possible, especially the ones I knew I could put into practice in the privacy of my bedroom or the bathroom. One female classmate was especially confident about her conquests with her “V”. She made it a point to let everyone know what she could do with it, the regularity with which she’d share it, and impressed upon us that it was so good that she got all the boys hooked on it.

She told me one of her secrets, saying I should do the same. I thought it a little freaky, so naturally I wanted to try it. She said it would help me become more comfortable with myself, with my body, that I’d learn how to restrain myself and when to let go, that I’d discover what my physical reactions could be like when I eventually did. She didn’t suggest any implements or gadgets, any type of oil or any other solutions to aid me. She said my hands would work just fine, but that I ought to do it while watching myself in the mirror. I took her advice to heart and I began to hone abilities like I’d never imagined. The satisfaction I derived was inexplicable. On occasions when I was home alone or sure that everyone was fast asleep, I’d get busy. Each time it got better, each time I felt better. I was secretly developing the power of my “V’.

By the time I started working as a reporter at The Nation (Barbados), I was pretty aware of the power of my “V”. Alas, I’d strayed a bit from the church and now had a boyfriend. For the most, I kept my Christian principles intact and always remembered the teachings about the power of my “V”. I wanted as much as possible to honor those lessons. My boyfriend understood that, so initially, instead of the regular traditional relations our other 20-something-year-old friends were having, he’d be content to allow me to put my oral skills to test. It was inevitable that I’d share my “V” with him.

On that first big occasion, I surprised us both with a mind blowing performance. I still remember his face beaming in that moment, his ecstatic reaction, the way he held and kissed me afterwards and repeatedly complimented me. He said it was as if I were born to do it, that my “V” would get many a man to heed to my requests, that it would make things happen for me, that it had a most powerful effect. Over the next few years, he was a great source for me practising and trying to perfect my techniques. He even schooled me on certain routines I could adopt to make everything flow smoothly and to ensure I kept a tight grasp on things.

Since moving to New York a few years ago, I’ve been using my “V” to get much of what I want. When I first came here it was to further my education by doing a second degree. During those college years, I have to admit, I used my “V” without shame. I used it to find favor with professors, who after experiencing the power of my “V”, could do nothing but give me an “A”. This worked with both male and females. Even classmates wanted in on the action. Some of them got lucky and such was the impact that they told tales out of school raving about the power of my “V”.

Things reached a climax during grad school. With competition from some of the most brilliant and talented journalists from more than 40 countries and with tough professors – some of them Pulitzer Prize winners – who worked for top US and international media organizations, I was challenged more than ever to make my “V” work for me. By the time I graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, my “V” had taken so many licks, such pounding, that it was almost unrecognizable in its new state. Yet, every professor and student who had a taste, all agreed that I had one powerful “V”.

I give God thanks for the power of my “V” and how much has come my way and how many people have been drawn to me because of it. Recently, however, I’ve been lamenting on an area in which it has failed me. Or rather, over one particular man it has yet to capture. He first entered my life in the late 90’s. From day one, I was attracted to him and I got more caught up as he rocked my world with his incredible talent when it came to the “V”. We were never an item. He went on to marry, have a family of his own and subsequently divorced. I’m sorry to say, I was happy to hear the latter.

A few weeks ago, he appeared before me – right in my Brooklyn home! Yeah! Again, I was captivated by him, he’s as cool as ever, even better looking than I remembered. And that million dollar smile – yes, I got it bad for him! But my “V” is not the type he’s looking for. He’s into the “V” he can control, the one he can put “out there” and use to make money. That’s not my scene. You see, my “V”, my powerful “V” refers to my “voice” – as in my writing, my public speaking and my ability to easily establish rapport; not so much that “okay” singing I did back in the church. Now, if only I also had that other powerful “V”; instead of sitting in my living room watching him on TV, I too could be on “The Voice” using its power to bring that damn fine Usher Raymond IV my way!

~ I Keep it Irie ~


Usher Raymond IV and that million dollar smile knows all too well about the power of the “V” – as seen weekly on NBC “The Voice”. (Photo Credit Google Images)

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8 thoughts on “The Power Of The “V”

  1. garethkhaleel on said:

    Thanks for sharing your “V”. Delightful as always, especially upon completion. 🙂

    Voice or no, I found this telling: “I thought it a little freaky, so naturally I wanted to try it.” 🙂

    • LMBO!!!

      Thanks G!:-)

      That statement merely speaks to my ever curious nature and early clues that journalism – an investigative field – was my calling lol! 😉

  2. Jahnesta on said:

    I’m a little ashamed that my dirty mind took me where it did. But I’m sure that was your intention. I love how things took a completely different turn. The word play was particularly fascinating and entertaining.

    My V has gotten me in trouble but it has managed to get me out of trouble as well. As I’ve grown older I’ve learned how to use it better.

    • Hahaha! Thanks Jahnesta!:-)

      Now, I must wonder which “V” you’re talking about!;-) Lol!

      • Cassandra on said:

        As Always so entertaining and thought provoking. Though I know your pieces are never what they guide you into thinking, your “V” is so powerful, you can’t help but be drawn into the colour of your writing. Don’t ever lose your “V”. Bless Up from Barbabdos!

      • Thanks Cass, you’re the sweetest. Much love and bless up sis!:-)

  3. Angel Eyes on said:

    Child, you astound me every time. Me luv yuh

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