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I love New York, but my heart has a Caribbean beat. It pulsates to the traditions of my people. Attuned to the rhythms of this City, I stay West Indian to the bone. I reflect. I analyze. I speak my mind. ~ I Keep it Irie ~

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I am Enough

For a moment there

You made me doubt my worth.

I thought I wasn’t good enough for you;

Thought I was too short, too small

Too poor, too un-American

Too unaccomplished, too unattractive

Thought I had the wrong job,

The wrong dreams, the wrong goals

That nothing I am or have could measure up

To your ideals and expectations.

I thought I wasn’t enough.


You said I wasn’t your only one

And you had no such plans for me,

Your revelations were devastating.

I wondered how to change your mind,

Thought I needed to do things differently,

That I had to be a better me.

I agonized over it, cried over it,

Became consumed with it

“Why doesn’t he want me?”

I thought about it, prayed about it.

“How could I be enough?’


Soon enough I got the answer,

A reminder:  I am enough.

All five feet two inches, 120 pounds of me,

Forged by faith, fortitude, sentimentality,

A sharp mind, selfless spirit, indomitable will

And a heart overflowing with love,

I am enough.

Enough beauty inside and out,

Enough smarts, passion, enough ambition,

Enough empathy, enough loyalty.

I am enough.


I’m enough of the things

That make me wonderfully uniquely me.

Nurturing enough, sweet enough,

Witty enough, sarcastic enough,

Enough of a talker, dreamer, crier, writer,

A big enough smile, big enough personality

Enough of all a woman needs to be;

Homemaker, professional, supporter,

A listener, friend, daughter, sister, aunt,

I am enough as a lover, a mother, a wife,

As a faithful servant of God,

I am enough.

Heck, I am more than enough.

by Maquita “Queenie” Peters

~ I Keep it Irie ~

For Larry’s nephew A3. 

I am enough.

I am enough.

Ode To My Man

Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps had mad passion in love n basketball
But lemme tell ya, dem ent want nuttin wid me and my Bajan man at all.
R& R Honey Farms, Sister Marshall snow cones, nor de cane grounds in BIM
Can’t begin to compare to de sweet satisfaction uh does get from him.
Unless yuh experience dis kinda pleasure yuh really won’t onstand
But uh gine try to tell wunna bout de love in dis ode tuh my man. Read more…

I Never Stopped Loving You


Several relationships later,
Countless heartbreaks,
Many of life’s milestones
Celebrated without you,
Through it all, you’ve remained
On my mind, in my heart, tied to my soul.
There were times when I thought
I’d found the one,
The one who’d replace you,
Who’d make me forget
All we had, all you meant to me;
The one with whom I’d become one
And commit to a lifetime together.
Still, I always thought of you,
Somewhere amidst the love
I had for another,
My heart belonged to you. Read more…

He’s Over Me

lion 1

I lost the power.

Until this moment

I never realized.

For so long,

I had him wrapped

Around my finger,

All I had to do

Was say the word,

Call the shot,

And he obeyed.

That was the type

Of bond that existed

Between us,

One where he’d do

Anything to please me;

I’d do anything to keep

Him under my spell, Read more…

You’re An Enigma


Why can’t I get over you?

Despite everything,

I miss u like crazy!

A day doesn’t go by

Without thoughts of you.

I get mad sometimes

When I think of the hurt you caused

Deserting me when I needed you most.

I tell myself you’ve given me

More than enough reasons

To let go, move on and forget you.

But inexplicably, I’m still in love with you.

To my chagrin I admit,

I love you unconditionally.

It’s like you stole my heart from day one

And I’ve been fighting a losing battle

Ever since to retrieve it!

I want to and need to let you go!

I’ve tried with all my being.

I’ve prayed that you be

A distant memory, if any at all.

I’ve sought every measure of distraction

Compiled all your heartless actions

To fuel animosity toward you.

I’ve struggled to forgive you

As you’ve proven yourself

Less than human and unworthy

Of my friendship and love.

Yet though my head screams, “Let go”

My heart says, “I’m all for you.”

Why can’t I let go?

-by Maquita “Queenie” Peters

~ I Keep it Irie ~




I’ve been sleeping with the lights turned on;

It feels less lonely that way.

I’ve been sleeping with the lights turned on,

It makes his side of the bed seem less empty,

That now cold space where he used to lie down,

Where he’d taste my lips and we’d become one, Read more…

A Brush With KryptoniteP

I barely know him,

At times I’m not even sure

If  I like him,

But I miss him.

I miss the way he looks at me,

The way he calls my name. Read more…

In My Mind

I miss you with every fiber of my being.

I get all mushy inside at the thought of you.

Then I run off with these thoughts of all

I’d like to be doing to you, for you, with you.

In my mind, you’re still all you promised to be Read more…

Single Life

Old friend, I see you’re back to visit again,

Thought I’d banished you to eternity.

But slowly, stealthily you crept back in

Haunting my spirits, tormenting me.

Thought I kicked you to the curb that sunshine day,

The day your enemy wrapped me in his embrace, Read more…

I Cried Today

I cried today.

Tears of pain.

Not because I wanted to,

But I was overwhelmed.

Like a fountain they burst forth

Blinding me, overcoming me. Read more…

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Island Soul City Dreams

I love New York, but my heart has a Caribbean beat. It pulsates to the traditions of my people. Attuned to the rhythms of this City, I stay West Indian to the bone. I reflect. I analyze. I speak my mind. ~ I Keep it Irie ~

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I love New York, but my heart has a Caribbean beat. It pulsates to the traditions of my people. Attuned to the rhythms of this City, I stay West Indian to the bone. I reflect. I analyze. I speak my mind. ~ I Keep it Irie ~