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I love New York, but my heart has a Caribbean beat. It pulsates to the traditions of my people. Attuned to the rhythms of this City, I stay West Indian to the bone. I reflect. I analyze. I speak my mind. ~ I Keep it Irie ~

I Did It With Three Girls And Loved It

I was part of a foursome yesterday. It was by far one of the most fun-filled experiences I have had in months. Truth be told, this is not the first time I have done such a thing, but unlike previously where it was usually spontaneous, on this occasion it was all carefully planned. I have never been the one to initiate coming together like this; I’ve always been lured into joining two more and even as many as five other people in having this type of “a good time.” I last got down like that a year ago. Over the past week, however, I felt a strong desire to do it again. So for the first time ever, I decided to get my own party started. And I wanted it to be all females.

I thought of the girls I knew who would be open-minded enough to give it a try. My first choice was a friend from graduate school – a very pretty girl – who had done it with me once before. She was especially curious and fascinated by all we had done. Throughout the entire affair she had left me no doubt that she was enjoying herself. I was sure she’d be keen to repeat it. I then thought of another of our grad school friends and also of a former work mate – both also very attractive – who were always willing to try something new and exciting. I tempted them with the promise of things such as: great music to set the mood; a hot sexy guy showing up; some exotic treats to spice things up, or to cool things down if it got too hot; and their favorite – lots of good eating. They were all game.

Me with my friend Svet.

We finalized plans a couple of days in advance and I started preparing myself for what I knew would be a long and hopefully memorable evening. I thought it important to look my best for the rendezvous. So I did everything a girl does when she wants to set things off: I hit the gym all week to be in proper shape; redid my hair; got a manicure/pedicure; carefully selected appropriate attire and of course I waxed any necessary area. Being cognizant of the fact that conditions could become very wet, I also put aside extra covering should the need arise to use it. In my mind, I mapped out the sequence of the events from the moment we meet up to the first move thereafter, to how everyone would hit it off and the very climax. I was hyped.

Despite any unfamiliarity and it being their first time (with the exception of one of them), the chemistry among the girls couldn’t be better. I was especially delighted by how they each wanted to explore everything, to admire, to touch, to taste. It didn’t matter if they were sitting, standing, or in motion, the ladies were simply soaking up – each moment. What’s more, amidst the action they even paused to take photographs, to preserve for posterity the memories we were making. All had such a rollicking time that they didn’t even take me to task with the no-show of any hot sexy guy I had guaranteed them.

It is fitting that we did it on this long Memorial Day weekend as it gives us time to recover from all the evening’s activities. Either way, since it was so pleasing, we are already considering repeating it as soon as today. The girls even suggested a couple other people they could include next round. We may even mark it on our calendar as part of our annual “to-do list.” It is after all, something special, an occasion worthy of thousands of people participating and celebrating those unique skills and talents bestowed unto us.

Me with my two friends Toni-Ann and Shanna. Photo courtesy SvetlanaDi.

Yes, DanceAfrica 2012 Bazaar part of DanceAfrica 2012 in the diverse community of Fort Greene, Brooklyn is all that and more. I am honored that my dear friends Svetlana, Toni-Ann and Shanna accompanied me for this yearly three-day cultural event rich with delectable foods, outstanding arts and crafts, scintillating music, fabulous fashion, and beautiful people – paying homage to our African heritage. I’m also truly grateful for that refreshing coconut water straight from the coconut that cooled us down in that 80 degrees heat, for the delicious jerk chicken that added some spice to our day and I was sure glad I took my umbrella to shelter us from that late downpour of rain. DanceAfrica 2012 Bazaar – I did it with three girls and loved it!

~ I Keep it Irie ~

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6 thoughts on “I Did It With Three Girls And Loved It

  1. innerdiva on said:

    Why do you write your titles like this? LOL! I read it out loud to my husband and he was intrigued. We were there yesterday!

    • Hahaha! Tiff, I just enjoy playing with words to tell what could (sometimes) otherwise be an uninteresting story.;-) Thanks for reading and sharing with your hubby. Sorry I didn’t run into you yesterday, it’s been a while!:-)

  2. Deangelo on said:

    Keep up the good work. Meant to leave a reply a while back but I guess better late than never.:) I especially enjoyed the coconut oil demo. You definitely taught me something.

    Continue to express yourself with that wicked 😉 writing style you have. Eat your heart out 50 shades of grey.


    • Thanks D! Glad to know you’ve been reading. I appreciate that. Thank you!:-) You should definitely try your hand at the coconut oil! After all, sometimes a guy gotta use his hands too 😉 Hahaha!
      Hope all’s well. Bless up.

  3. DBRAT on said:

    very intresting titles and nice playing with your words

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Island Soul City Dreams

I love New York, but my heart has a Caribbean beat. It pulsates to the traditions of my people. Attuned to the rhythms of this City, I stay West Indian to the bone. I reflect. I analyze. I speak my mind. ~ I Keep it Irie ~

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I love New York, but my heart has a Caribbean beat. It pulsates to the traditions of my people. Attuned to the rhythms of this City, I stay West Indian to the bone. I reflect. I analyze. I speak my mind. ~ I Keep it Irie ~


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